Leading the way

NaturoMed Therapeutics is a highly sophisticated medicinal mushroom company that produces functional mushroom powders and extracts at our state of the art facility in Pemberton, BC, and will soon add Psilocybin products for approved research and treatments.

Our Mission

Founded in 2019, NaturoMed Therapeutics is a vertically integrated functional and medicinal mushroom company based in Pemberton, BC. NaturoMed is committed to improving global mental and physical health through the production and distribution of high-quality North American grown organic mushroom products. NaturoMed has developed sustainable methods to produce and distribute healthy mushroom products grown on Canadian soil with Canadian organic ingredients in plastic-free packaging.

Currently growing Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Oyster, Shitake, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms in Pemberton, NaturoMed has quickly established itself as a leader in the medicinal mushroom space for retail health and wellness products, and will soon hold one of the first Health Canada licenses to legally produce psilocybin products

What We Do

NaturoMed Therapeutics is a Canadian based mushroom company. We grow all our own mushrooms for Stay Wyld Organics, our medicinal mushroom retail brand. We grow bulk mushrooms to support companies looking for North American alternatives to purchasing mushrooms from China. And we’re scheduled to complete construction on our Health Canada Licensed psilocybin growing facility in Q2 2022.


NaturoMed Therapeutics is strategically positioned to capitalize on both the forecasted mushroom market growth and the Canadian psilocybin legalization movement.