About Us

NaturoMed Therapeutics is a highly sophisticated medicinal mushroom company that produces functional mushrooms, extracts, and will soon add Psilocybin products for approved research.

Our story begins in 2017 with founder Chris Brown searching for remedies to improve his focus and clarity after suffering a concussion. After exhausting his Western medicine options and continuing to suffer from post-concussion symptoms, a close friend suggested he try Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. After just a few weeks of taking Lion’s Mane, Brown regained his focus and clarity, and felt sharper than he had in years. He also started microdosing that year and felt a radical shift in his mood, energy, focus, creativity, and overall well-being. Brown was so inspired by the positive effects the mushrooms had on his life that he attended a course on mushroom production in Oregon and started growing gourmet and functional mushrooms. In early 2019, he and Gabe founded Stay Wyld Organics, a functional mushroom supplement company. In September 2021, Stay Wyld Organics and NaturoMed Therapeutics amalgamated into NaturoMed Therapeutics (NMED). NaturoMed applied for a Health Canada Dealer’s License to produce Psilocybin in 2021. The Dealer’s License allows for psilocybin production and sales to Health Canada approved buyers, such as doctors and researchers for clinical trials and therapeutic treatments. NaturoMed was approved by Health Canada to begin construction in late 2021, and is now in the final phases of construction for the Dealer’s License and aiming for a Q4, 2022 completion.

Stay Wyld Organics is our retail brand which sells functional mushroom supplements, grow your own mushroom kits, and bulk powders. NaturoMed will be focused on the production and development of new Psilocybin products under the Health Canada Dealer’s License. 

NaturoMed was created for several reasons but first and foremost, we wanted to provide consumers with high-quality, potent North American grown mushrooms. This is in direct contrast to an industry where 90% of the mushroom companies out there are nothing more than marketing companies repackaging Chinese mushrooms. At NaturoMed, we grow our own mushrooms in our state of the art facility in Pemberton, BC. By growing our own functional mushrooms in British Columbia we are able to guarantee sterile environments with clean air and water, and hand picked organic materials for our growing media. We also aren’t reliant on the supply chain from China.

In today’s world, we simply cannot get enough nutrients from the food that is commercially produced. Supplements have an important role in achieving homeostasis in our bodies. Medicinal mushrooms are very powerful supplements that are packed with antioxidants and many other health promoting components. Now more than ever, people want to know that their food and supplements are produced in North America. We are proud to say that we are currently the ONLY FUNCTIONAL MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENT COMPANY IN THE WORLD THAT GROWS IN CANADA.

We are very pleased to see psilocybin being used in clinical trials and clinical research to treat severe anxiety, depression, and for end of life patients. We strongly believe the use of Psilocybin for medical and therapeutic purposes will immensely improve the lives of millions of people. The world is experiencing a mental health crisis due to the recent pandemic and it is more important than ever to help create solutions that can treat global mental health issues.

Meet The Team

Chris Brown

Founder / CEO
Chris is a serial entrepreneur and started several companies. Over the last 3 years, he has focused exclusively on medicinal mushrooms and is an expert in mushroom cultivation.

Chanel Smythe

Partner, Chief Medical Advisor
Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Chanel brings a wealth of medicinal mushroom knowledge and experience to NaturoMed.

Gabe Glosband

Gabe is a profit-driven, cost minimizing strategic leader with more than 20 years experience creating and executing marketing and sales solutions for both B2C and B2B